Journal of
Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics

 ISSN: 1690-4524 (Online)


AIM: An Integrated Approach to Organizational Improvement
Ronald A. Styron, Jr.
Pages: 1-4
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Preliminary Investigations of Challenges in Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous Services
Makaziwe Makamba
Pages: 5-10
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What are European Union Public Attitudes towards Robots? (Invited Paper)
Donald Loffredo, Alireza Tavakkoli
Pages: 11-19
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Imitation, Experience and Learning: On The Unity Of Expression In Design (Invited Paper)
Taha A. Al-Douri
Pages: 20-23
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The Inter-Disciplinary Impact of Computerized Application of Spatial Visualization on Motor and Concentration Skills
Esther Zaretsky
Pages: 24-30
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Intangible Knowledge. The Culture of Knowledge within Organisations from the Perspective of the Sociological Systems Theory
Tilia Stingl de Vasconcelos
Pages: 31-36
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A Critical Assessment on SPC Implementation in the UK Food Industry
Sarina Abdul Halim Lim, Jiju Antony, Norin Arshed
Pages: 37-42
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A Location-Based Service Using Geometric Location Methods to Unite Mobile Users
Wen-Chen Hu, Naima Kaabouch, Hung-Jen Yang
Pages: 43-48
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A Connection Block Implemented in the RTL Design for Delay Time Equalization of Wave-Pipelining
Tomoaki Sato, Sorawat Chivapreecha, Phichet Moungnoul
Pages: 49-54
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Implementation of Maintenance System Based on Bluetooth Low Energy for Hermetic Inline Amplifiers in CATV Networks
Katsuhiro Naito, Kenta Nakanishi, Kazuo Mori, Hideo Kobayashi
Pages: 55-60
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Monitoring Heart Health and Structural Health: mDFA Quantification
Toru Yazawa
Pages: 61-65
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Building a Secure Enterprise (Invited Article)
Kevin Foltz, William R. Simpson
Pages: 66-73
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Enterprise Level Security Basic Security Model
Kevin E. Foltz, William R. Simpson
Pages: 74-79
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The Pseudonym on the Internet: Identity Creation and Space of Freedom
Marcienne Martin
Pages: 80-83
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The Charrette Design Model Provides a Means to Promote Collaborative Design in Higher Education
Webber Steven B.
Pages: 84-91
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