Journal of
Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics

 ISSN: 1690-4524 (Online)


Computer Agent’s Role in Modeling an Online Math Help User
Dragana Martinovic
Pages: 1-8
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Integrative Technologies Complicate Communication during Development Work Context: Industry-Academy Collaboration
Pauliina Mansikkamäki, Matti Mäntysalo, Risto Rönkkä
Pages: 9-15
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Organising Documentation in Knowledge Evolution and Communication
Cristina De Castro, Paolo Toppan
Pages: 16-22
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Process Performance Measurement for E-Government: A Case Scenario from the German Ministerial Administration
Oliver Thomas, Christian Seel
Pages: 23-29
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SOFTICE: Facilitating both Adoption of Linux Undergraduate Operating Systems Laboratories and Students’ Immersion in Kernel Code
Alessio Gaspar, Sarah Langevin, Joe Stanaback, Clark Godwin
Pages: 30-35
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Utilizing Wireless Polling Devices to Enhance Classroom Participation
Cathy Hall, William Swart
Pages: 36-41
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Developing Software Simulations
Tom Hall, Cathy Hall, William Swart
Pages: 42-47
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A Framework on Collaboration: an Interdisciplinary Project across Multiple Colleges
Andis Kwan, Lin Leung, Xiangdong Li, Michael Anshel
Pages: 48-52
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A Position on Effective Peer Reviews–Rationale, Qualification, Process, and Policy
Rayford Vaughn
Pages: 53-57
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Advancing Software Development for a Multiprocessor System-on-Chip
Stephen Bique
Pages: 58-63
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The Sustainability Analysis Framework: An Effective Knowledge Communication Tool in a Whole of Government Context
Kendal Hodgman
Pages: 64-69
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Volunteer vs. Professional Management of Academic Conferences: A Comparison of Five Meetings
James Spee
Pages: 70-79
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Iraqi public opinion on the Web: An exploratory study of opinions on invasion and election
Haidar Moukdad
Pages: 80-85
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A Computerised Business Ethics Expert System -A new approach to improving the ethical quality of business decision-making
Bernie Brenner
Pages: 86-91
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