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William Lesso (1931-2015)

Nagib C. Callaos

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How Are Students Motivated for Learning Multidisciplinary Field: Biomedical Engineering?
Shigehiro Hashimoto
(pages: 1-6)

A Man-Machine Synergy Integrated Approach for Homeland Protection
Mario La Manna
(pages: 7-12)

Assistive Technologies: Companion or Controller? – Appropriation Instead of Instruction
Tina Haase, Wilhelm Termath, Dirk Berndt, Michael Dick
(pages: 13-18)

What Traditional Apprenticeship Principles Can Teach Us about Active Learning
Steven Ehrlick
(pages: 19-24)

Constructive Dialogs – Systemic Interdependencies of Associating and Disassociating Communication
Philipp Belcredi, Tilia Stingl De Vasconcelos Guedes
(pages: 25-30)

The Humanistic Transfer as a Novel Approach for a Multidisciplinary Convergence
Luigi Serra
(pages: 31-41)

Does Multidisciplinary Learning Help Global Problem: Covid-19 by Biomedical Engineering?
Shigehiro Hashimoto
(pages: 42-49)

Educating for the Future – Cultivating Practical Wisdom in Education
Maria Jakubik
(pages: 50-54)

Cybernetics as Art
Sukjin Kang
(pages: 55-60)

Development and Evolution of Agile – Changes in a World of Change
Thomas J. Marlowe, Vassilka Kirova, Garett Chang, Omer Hashmi, Stephen P. Masticola
(pages: 61-72)

Back to Basics: Towards Building Societal Resilience Against a Cyber Pandemic
Eliana Stavrou
(pages: 73-80)

Interventions to Improve Cognitive Presence and Student Performance in the Age of COVID-19
Madhumita Banerjee, Joy Wolf, Suresh Chalasani
(pages: 81-89)

Integrated Culture – What the Merging Dynamics of Human and Internet Mean for our Global Future
Michael J. Savoie
(pages: 90-92)

Concept Mapping and Knowledge Modeling: A Multi-Disciplinary Educational, Informational, and Communication Technology
John W. Coffey
(pages: 93-99)

The Methods They Are a Changing!
Steinar Killi
(pages: 100-105)

Integration of Inquiry-Based Learning with Real -World Problem-Solving
Suzanne K. Lunsford
(pages: 106-109)

Contemporary Issues in the Interdisciplinary Research: Smartphone Computing Research
Wen-Chen Hu, Benu Bensal, Naima Kaabouch
(pages: 110-117)

Digital Privacy in the Mainstream of Education
Lorayne Robertson, William Muirhead
(pages: 118-125)





Who edited or co-edited special issues in the past or who would edit, at least, one special issue in the next three years.

Professor Shigehiro Hashimoto

Kogakuin University, Japan
Associate to the President and
Dean of Admissions Center

Doctor of Engineering and Doctor of Medicine
Biomedical Engineering

Professor Thomas Marlowe

Seton Hall University, USA
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Program Advisor for Computer Science

Doctor in Computer Science and
Doctor in Mathematics

Dr. Robert M. L. Baker Jr.

Former President of
West Coast University, USA

Recipient of the UCLA Physics Prize

Dr. Christopher Dreisbach

Johns Hopkins University, USA

Chair of the Department of Applied Ethics and Humanities
Division of Public Safety Leadership

Dr. Jeremy Horne

Southwest Area Division,
American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS), USA

Professor T. Grandon Gill

University of South Florida, USA
College of Business
Director of the Doctorate in Business Administration
Editor-in-Chief of Informing Science
Founding Editor of the Journal of IT Education

Professor Michael J. Savoie

Utah Valley University, USA
Dean of the College of
Technology & Computing

Former Director of the Center for Information Technology & Management and of The E-Business Initiatives at the University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Karl H. Müller

The Steinbeis Transfer Center New Cybernetics, Vienna, Austria

Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Professor Vassilka Kirova

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Information Systems Department

Bell Labs and Alcatel-Lucent

Dr. Susu Nousala

Aalto University, Finland

Researcher in Sustainable Design, and
Research Fellow at the (Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport) Faculty of Architecture-Buildi

Dr. Yevgeniya Sulema

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
Deputy Dean
Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Computer Systems Software Department

Dipl.-Math Norbert Jastroch

MET Communications GmbH, Germany
Managing Director

Professor José I. Peláez

University of Málaga, Spain
Director of Metrics and Mangement of Intangibles

Holder of the "Spinoff" Award on Creation of Technologically Based Enterprises in the Area of Digital Marketing

Dr. Taha A. Al-Douri

New York Institute of Technology, USA
Assistant Dean
School of Architecture and Design

Strategic Advisor, Development
Middle East Region

Dr. Joanna Richardson

Griffith University, Australia

Information Services
Associate Director- Scholarly Content and Discovery

George Kelly Flanagin

University of Richmond, USA
Computer Scientist

CEO Emeritus of Digital Gaslight, Inc.

Professor Julio Rezende

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Former President of the Institute of Innovation and Susteainability

Dr. Eng. Sushil Acharya

Robert Morris University, USA

Software Engineering

Professor Andrés Tremante

Florida International University, USA
The Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department

Professor José Vicente Carrasquero

Poliskopio Consulting, Spain
Mathematician and Political Scientist

Former Director of Planning at the Simon Bolivar University

Dr. Elena Cheser

University of Harford, USA
Hillyer College, Mathematics

Ukrainian National University in Kiev
Mechanics Department
Scientist in Theoretical Mechanics

Professor Natalja Lace

Riga Technical University, Latvia
Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Head of the Department of Finance

Dr. Orchidea Maria Lecian

Sapienza University Rome, Italy
Department for Astronautic Engineering,
Electrical and Energetics

Editor in Chief

Professor Nagib Callaos

Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela
Former Dean of Research and Development

Founding President of the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics: IIIS ( )

General Chair of WMSCI conferences, USA, @nccallaos