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Industry and Academic Partnership Leads to Student Driven Success Using an Innovative Cloud Product in the Classroom
Jill Anne O’Sullivan, Sayem Shahrier
(pages: 1-3)

The Use of Virtual Reality in Enhancing Interdisciplinary Research and Education
Tiffany Leung, Farhana Zulkernine, Haruna Isah
(pages: 4-9)

Creation of Support Ecosystem for Innovative Fast Growing Companies
Maja Tomanic Vidovic
(pages: 10-15)

Could e-Government Development Reduce Corruption in South America?
Romel Tintin, Patricio Altamirano, Carmen Chávez, Liliana Tintin
(pages: 16-21)

Blockchain: Next Generation Supply Chain Security for Energy Infrastructure and NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Compliance
Michael Mylrea, Sri Nikhil Gupta Gourisetti
(pages: 22-30)

Flexible Organic Battery Technology Applied in OLED
Andre F. S. Guedes, Simone Tartari, Vilmar P. Guedes, Idaulo J. Cunha
(pages: 31-34)

Information Gathering System Based on BLE Communication for Bus Information Sharing
Katsuhiro Naito, Katsuyuki Tanaka
(pages: 35-41)

Preparing Teachers for Medical Education Using ICT: Achievements and Challenges of an Educational Intervention in a National University in Perú
Maritza Placencia Medina, Rosa Pando Álvarez, Victor Mechan Mendez, Margot Rosario Quintana Salinas, Javier Silva Valencia, Jorge Raúl Carreńo Escobedo, Hubert James Mendoza Rojas, Yanelli Karen Ascacivar Placencia
(pages: 42-47)

Blockchain and Data Protection: The Value of Personal Data
Nicola Fabiano
(pages: 48-51)

Comparative Analysis between Routing Methods Systems Applied to the Rural School Transport Problem in Brazil
Marcelo Franco Porto, Nilson Tadeu Ramos Nunes, Izabela Ribas Vianna de Carvalho, Raphael Bruno Alves Teixeira, Marina Oliveira Fonseca, Lucas Vinicius Ribeiro Alves, Renata Maria Abrantes Baracho
(pages: 52-57)

Humboldt’s Vision of a Smart(er) World
Detlev Doherr, Andreas Jankowski
(pages: 58-60)